Kianta Key
Strategist with Delicate Twitter Fingers

Delete Blood Cancer DKMS

Social Media Manager. Developed content strategy that led to a 30 percent increase in online bone marrow donors. 

DKMS Social Media Strategy

DKMS Social Media Strategy

As social media managed for Delete Blood Cancer DKMS, I developed a social media strategy, which led to a 30 percent increase on online bone marrow donor registrations. 

Unique Because Campaign

Digital marketing team developed a campaign to encourage more millennials add their names to the bone marrow donor registry. Cornerstone of the campaign was focused on three millennial bone marrow donors and what makes them unique.

Blood Ball 2015: A Dark Circus Affair

The social media and development team created a promotional concept video for the 2nd Annual Blood Ball in New York City featuring Veuve Clicquot as a sponsor. The video explains the event's  "Dark Circus" theme and how the annual fundraiser helps register potential bone marrow donors.